To provide you with the most enjoyable golfing experience, please note the following dress code and rules of the golf course and club.

  1. Attire that is acceptable on the golf course is appropriate for the Clubhouse. Only soft spike golf shoes shall be worn on the golf course. Soft spike golf shoes are permitted in the Clubhouse. Caution should be exercised at all time while wearing soft spike golf shoes.
  2. Men of all ages should wear shirts with collars, slacks, golf shorts with a minimum 16″ outside seam. (T-shirts, tank tops, swimsuits, denim of any nature, short shorts, cut-offs, sweat pants and similar attire are not permitted).
  3. Women of all ages should wear shirts that have either sleeves or collars, both, with skirts, slacks, golf shorts with a minimum 16″ outside seam. (Halter-tops, bathing suits, sweatpants, denim of any nature, cut-offs, cargo shorts and similar attire are not permitted).

USGA Rules will govern all play along with local rules of Toiyabe Golf Club, including the following:

  1. Out of Bounds ~ these are defined by white stakes or lines. Public and private roads, home sites (lots and developed homes) and perimeter fencing are out of bounds. (Rule 27).
  2. Wetlands ~ these environmentally protected areas are defined by red stakes green caps. See definition below. Players are PROHIBITED from entering for purpose. Holes #1, #9, #13 and #18 will be played as lateral hazards and play prohibited from the opposite margins of these hazards (Appendix 1, Part A, #3).
  3. Water Hazards ~ these are defined by yellow stakes/lines (Rule 26).
  4. Lateral Water Hazards ~ these are defined by red stakes/lines (Rule 26).
  5. The provisional ball rule for a ball in hazard will be in effect. Appendix 1, Part B.
  6. Flower Beds ~ Defined by cement borders, plastic molding or decorative rock are considered under repair from which play is prohibited. If a player’s ball lies in the area, or if interferes with the player’s stance or the area of his intended swing the player take relief under (25-1).
  7. Embedded Ball ~ The Local Rule for an embedded ball through the green in Appendix will be in effect.
  8. 14 Club Rule ~ Is in effect.
  9. Distance Measuring Devices ~ only USGA approved devices are permissible. (Appendix 1 section 9).
  10. Time of starting – Rule 6-3 will be in effect.
  11. Tree wells: No relief.
  12. Aerification Holes: Appendix 1 Part B Section D.
  13. Provisional Ball for Water Hazard: Appendix 1 Part A and Appendix 1 Part B.
  14. Mushy Ground: Mushy ground does not constitute casual water. Water must be visible when a player takes his stance.
  15. Under Rule 25 relief for burrowing animal terrain will be for ball and stance. NOT SWING.

Environmentally Sensitive Areas (ESA) 

When local rule is in effect, the status of branches and such overhanging the margins of the ESA are as follows: Water Hazard or Lateral Water Hazard: overhanging branches ARE NOT part of the hazard/ESA. No relief will be given for branches that extend beyond the vertical margin of the hazard. Should you be required to stand in the ESA or your swing is interfered with branches inside the vertical margin of the hazard you would determine your nearest point of relief and drop a ball within one club length without penalty.
*In stroke play competitions, if there are any Rules questions, please play two balls, Rule 3-3. Players must report facts to the Committee or will be disqualified.
*In match play completion, a player must make a claim.

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