Robert Muir Graves and Thoughts about Toiyabe Golf Club:

“This course offers an extraordinary golfing opportunity rarely available today. From the moment you arrive at the Clubhouse, set against the edge of a lake with spectacular views of Mt. Rose and Slide Mountain, until you walk off the 18th green, your entire experience is one of sublime quality and thorough enjoyment.” Having participated in more than 650 golf course projects around the world, Graves is best known for some of his work in the Western United States. Many of his courses such as Black Butte Ranch, Canterwood, Port Ludlow and Lake Merced have received acclaim from both players and the media.


Hole 1

Par 5
Handicap Men: 5 Women: 7

This is a downhill par five that allows the smart player to get their round off to a good start. The key to success is with the placement of the second shot. Better to place your second shot short and right of the green and have a short iron onto the small green.


Hole 2

Par 3
Handicap Men: 17 Women: 17

A medium length par three that can prove deceptive. The green is nestled within a series of large mounds against a dense backdrop of pine trees. The large green is canted along a diagonal to the line of flight and is protected by a large bunker in front.


Hole 3

Par 4
Handicap Men: 1 Women: 9

A very long downhill par four. Players hit their tee shots out a chute of pine trees to a fairway that slopes from left to right. The landing area is wider on the right than it appears from the tee. The deep green is fronted by the remnants of a creek bed. This is the first of a stretch of four very exacting holes.


Hole 4

Par 5
Handicap Men: 13 Women: 3

This dogleg par five wraps around a large lake on the right. Another set of multi-level tees makes the player contemplate how much lake to shoot across. Play to the right with your second shot to avoid trouble and set up your pitch to the green.


Hole 5

Par 4
Handicap Men: 11 Women: 1

This short par four plays back along the naturalized area stressing accuracy over the length. The green is elevated and protected by a daunting group of steel-faced bunkers. The entire hole is set against the immense backdrop of Slide Mountain.


Hole 6

Par 3
Handicap Men: 9 Women: 15

This beautiful par three will appeal to the most adventurous of players. From a set of tees that cascade down a hillside, players will be confronted by a green perched on top of a rock wall set tightly against the edge of a lake.


Hole 7

Par 4
Handicap Men: 7 Women: 11

This medium length par four plays slightly uphill. Be careful of the stream that crosses the fairway and meanders down the left side. A series of large mounds with clusters of pine trees protect the right side of the fairway.


Hole 8

Par 3
Handicap Men: 15 Women: 13

A beautiful par three that is set against the towering Sierras. The green complex mirrors the distant mountains with its impressive mounding. The tees are placed around the edge of a large lake that extends to the green. There is ample fairway left of the lake and green.


Hole 9

Par 5
Handicap Men: 3 Women: 5

This uphill par five will require three strong shots to reach the green in regulation. Split the bunkers guarding the fairway with your drive. The second shot should favor the left side, conscious of Musgrove Creek.


Hole 10

Par 5
Handicap Men: 14 Women: 10

The back nine begins with a good opportunity to make a birdie. This is the shortest par five on the course and it also plays downhill. The fairway swoops out to the right at the landing area providing plenty of room.


Hole 11

Par 4
Handicap Men: 10 Women: 6

This is the shortest par four on the course and perhaps the most illusive. Slightly uphill, this hole doglegs around a small lake on the left. The stream feeding the lake crosses the fairway twice, once by the green and then again in front of the tees.


Hole 12

Par 3
Handicap Men: 12 Women: 16

The longest of the par three holes is also one of the most handsome. Players survey the hole from a series of elevated tees. The green is set within a complex of large mounds and cluster of pines completing the composition.


Hole 13

Par 4
Handicap Men: 8 Women: 12

Perhaps the most unique hole on the golf course, this dogleg right features three towering pine trees set within a wetland preserve near the center of the fairway. The boldest players can elect to drive between the trees, requiring a shot of about 200 yards.


Hole 14

Par 4
Handicap Men: 2 Women: 2

The fourteenth hole starts the stretch home run to the Clubhouse. The five finishing holes all present strong challenges and will determine the outcome of many matches. The wide two tiered shallow green provides ample opportunity to place the flagstick behind either of the two bunkers.


Hole 15

Par 5
Handicap Men: 16 Women: 14

This is a downhill double dogleg right par five. The players climb up to a set of elevated tees placed within a collection of towering Ponderosa Pines. A small lake fed by a cascading stream is nestled in front of the green.


Hole 16

Par 4
Handicap Men: 6 Women: 4

This long uphill par four doglegs slightly to the right around a field of bunkers carved into the hillside. Starting at the elevated tees, the first part of the fairway dips through a valley, then climbs gently toward the forest, until leveling out in the landing area.


Hole 17

Par 3
Handicap Men: 18 Women: 18

The downhill par three offers a bit of a respite from the challenge of the last few holes. The players tee off from the cathedral- like setting of towering pines. The view down towards the green opens up the reveal a wonderful panorama over the valley.


Hole 18

Par 4
Handicap Men: 4 Women: 8

Designed to be a strong finishing par four where the best players must work hard to achieve par, the high handicappers who play smart, can make bogey. Slightly downhill, this hole doglegs to the right.

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